Trophy Mistakes

Presenting a trophy is valuable to the recipient. Recognition, on the other hand, is the greatest motivation to the recipient along with those gracing the event. Therefore, managing the occasion with dignity and class is essential regardless of the corporate or setup. When celebrating an achievement or accomplishment, the last thing you would wish to encounter is to diminish the award with a mistake. Listed below are the top trophy mistakes you need to avoid.

A Broken or Damaged Award

While it is unusual for a trophy to become faulty during shipping, you cannot overrule the fact that it may break. The biggest mistake you can make is to fail to open the award before the eventful day. Therefore, it would be helpful to order the reward beforehand and ensure the supplier ships it early. This way, you will have sufficient time to examine the prize and ensure it is in the best possible condition. Supposing the trophy is defective, you will have adequate time to ask for a refund or replacement.

Misspelled Names or Words

Simple misspelling can ruin a prestigious trophy. Before sending the award for engraving, carefully check and double-check all the words. When you realize it has misspelled names, it could be too late to correct the mistakes. So, ensure the recipient’s name, job titles, positions, and company’s name are correctly spelled. Opt for a trophy store that works hand in hand with you to avoid spelling mistakes.

Failing to Match the Trophy with the Appropriate Accomplishment

Think about the accomplishment you want to celebrate and choose a matching prize. It is essential to reward recipient trophies that make them feel proud and want to show them to their colleagues, families, and friends. You cannot give an education trophy to a football team. Thus, when choosing the trophy, cautiously consider your reason for awarding it.

The Use of Excessive Words

Engraving the trophy with unnecessary words is annoying. Attempting to write the whole story on the reward makes it difficult to read. Keep the content brief and precise. For instance, “Best Student for 2022” works fine. Consider rewarding someone a wall plaque or any trophy with adequate space for many words if you want to include a longer text.

Trophy Weight

The trophy’s weight is crucial as it relays a message to the recipient regarding your thankfulness for their achievement. When shopping for the ideal award, ensure it will not feel or look like a child’s toy when given to the recipient. Similarly, it shouldn’t be weighty on the hands. The best thing about a heavy trophy is that it implies how deeply you value the receiver.

Trophy Size

The size of the trophy helps distinguish between the winners’ outcomes. For instance, if there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, the prizes should vary in size to signify every result.

Poor Presentation

Failing to award the trophy to the recipient officially is the worst mistake you can make. Also, handing over the prize in a wrapped manner makes the achievement lose meaning and impact. Organize an event where friends and colleagues can attend and enjoy.

Cheap or Tacky Awards

The fact that a trophy’s recognition lasts for a lifetime means that it should be unique. Regardless of the occasion, all awards inspire a sense of admiration and excellence. You should, thus, not lower the trophy’s worth by selecting the cheapest quality. Ideally, the receiver enjoys getting the prizes due to their success moments and not necessarily the monetary value. However, it would help to invest in high-quality trophies because the recipient will treasure them for an extended period.

The Color and Design

When buying an award, consider the color and design. It needs to match with the occasion. If possible, stay away from highly dark trophies. Also, avoid choosing excessively light awards to make it easy to read the engraved writing.

Worst Trophy Mistakes to Avoid

Selecting the perfect trophy is one of the best investments you can undertake. Minimal text, correct spelling, selecting high-quality materials, ensuring the award is in the best condition, and matching the trophy with true accomplishment is vital. Additionally, remember to buy the trophy from a reputable shop.


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