If you’re into digital currency, chances are you’ve come across Bitcoin. You’re also probably aware that cryptocurrency marketing is crucial to the success of your business of blockchain article.

Bitcoin.com has put together this guide on the most common mistakes people have made with crypto marketing, so you don’t have to learn them the hard way!

Mistake #1:  Not explaining how your product can benefit from cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a new and (at least to some) peculiar concept, and many people are afraid to dive into it. To put it simply, cryptocurrency allows you to store money without needing a bank or any third party involved. This can be useful for people who don’t have access to banks or credit cards, like expats in foreign countries, for instance. Why would someone want to use cryptocurrency instead of traditional money? Simple: it’s faster, easier and cheaper! You can pay with crypto anywhere that accepts credit card payments too, which is almost everywhere.

It’s also possible to send money across the world in just a few seconds, which is impossible with traditional currencies. There are no hidden fees, and you can save up to eight percent on international transfers.

You should be able to explain all of this in a clear way when talking about your product. You could also create an infographic that shows how cryptocurrency works and what benefits it provides! For example, you could make one for your cryptocurrency blog or business if you want to get more people visiting it. Our site list is here.

Mistake #2:  Not talking about the price of your product when using cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin price changes frequently. It is understandable that you might want to keep the price of your product a secret by only accepting cryptocurrency. If you are planning on selling thousands of your products soon after the ICO, this makes sense. However, if you plan on selling your product in six months or so, or if you intend to develop it further and add more features, customers will be worried about the volatility.

 Unless people are going to buy your product with cryptocurrency, it may be a better choice to accept fiat money as well. This way, people who don’t understand how crypto works can still pay for your product.

Mistake #3:  Not making an informational website about cryptocurrency and how it works.

If you’re promoting a cryptocurrency business, it’s important to have an informational website or blog. In fact, even if you’re selling physical products and not digital currency, it’s still a good idea to have an informational site. People are scared of the word ‘cryptocurrency’ and they might need information about what it is in order to buy from you.

Make sure that your informational site is properly SEO optimized! This will help people find it easily on search engine results pages (SERPs) for manaul outreach.

Mistake #4:  Keeping your website design too simple.

One of the most important things for companies promoting digital currency is the design of their website.  Adhering to a modular and clean design is critical, and you should always strive to keep your website design simple, rather than complex.

It’s also important not to use too many colors; it can be confusing for the reader. You should have a professional looking logo in the header of your website, which reflects that you’re a trustworthy company. The font has to be clear and easy to read, especially if you have lots of text on your site. You should also keep whitespace as much as possible: it’s an indication of professionalism and competence.

Mistake #5:  Not giving people enough time to buy during an ICO

Many ICOs are created with the sole purpose of raising money for their project . Many of the ICOs that don’t reach their soft cap (the minimum amount to buy tokens) are cancelled. However, some of the ICOs that are successful can be prolonged.

People who pay with crypto during an ICO are more likely to be interested in your product and buy it after, which is why you should not rush them and give them too little time to buy! Give people as much time as they need to do their research on your product, so they will actually care about it before investing.

Mistake #6:  Making too many promises without delivering on them.

A real innovation cannot be sold if people don’t believe in what the company stands for or is trying to achieve. People who invest in crypto igaming are understanding of some delays. However, it’s important not to make assumptions and overestimate the time it will take to achieve your goals.

If you’re promising people that their investments will pay off in three months, but you have the feeling it’s going to take you more, they will be underwhelmed when they don’t see any results after three months. If this happens often enough, potential investors might not trust your company anymore.

Mistake #7:  Not having a clear path for development in your whitepaper .

A whitepaper is a vital tool for ICOs since it tells investors exactly what is going to happen next and what the future holds for their investment.

If you’re creating your own cryptocurrency, it’s especially important to have clear plans for development and the future of your product.

Make sure that they’ll work out so that you can deliver on them! Your whitepaper should be a roadmap for your team. If you’ve worked on other projects before and had success, many investors will appreciate this.


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