Lash extensions can help uplift your lashes and may change your look to regular or whatever you want. Generally, lash extensions are cosmetic enhancements that can be available in the market to enhance the beauty of your eyes. The best part about getting extensions is you do not need to worry about applying eye makeup products like mascara. So, no worry about removing them from your eyes at the end of the day. If you wish to get longer lashes without extensions, you can apply to lash MD serum or conditioner on your lashes. Still, applying these products to promote lash growth takes time. So, you can go with the lash extensions.

Still, you must know how to care for your extensions after getting on your eyelashes. Also, following some valuable tips can keep your extensions long-lasting. This helps to keep them healthy and gorgeous. In this blog, we will discuss some tips you can apply after getting lash extensions to protect them from early fallout.

How to Take Care of Extensions After Getting Them?

Most people are willing to get lash extensions to uplift them and make eyelashes longer & thicker. Still, after getting extensions, not taking care of them can cause your lashes early fallout, which can be a waste of your money. Following helpful tips might help your extensions last longer.

Regularly Clean Your Lashes

Cleaning the extensions is the most important step after getting lash extensions, and most people skip this step after getting extensions. Not regularly cleaning your lashes can make your extensions dirty and full of debris. Also, They can weaken the lash strands, which leads to premature fallout. Besides this, dirty extensions can build lots of mites, a minor bug found on dirty lashes. Hydrating your extensions can help to keep them shiny. You can add lash MD professional serum and conditioner to your lash extensions to get healthy and shiny extensions.

Try to Avoid Rubbing Your Lashes

Rubbing and touching your lash extension is an unintentional tendency. You will touch your lashes in your sleep. Still, you must be attentive to this matter. The presence of oil or cream in your hand can weaken the adhesive of lash extensions, leading to early extensions’ fallout. Sometimes, your extensions are ripped off while rubbing your extension. If you feel very itchy around your eye area, slightly rub your eyelid and round it in a circular motion. It can help to protect your extension and prevent itchy eyes.

Stay Away from Extreme Heat

Exposure to extreme heat to your lash extensions can damage them. Generally, extensions are made from synthetic material, and too much heat can melt your extensions and make your natural lashes clumpy. Keep maintaining distance from heat produce things, including oven, blow dry, open flame, stove, and grills to your extensions. Follow this tip immediately after getting your extensions.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Facials

Make sure not to apply any eye makeup product like mascara to your eyelashes. They contain chemicals, and using these on your extensions after getting them on your natural lashes may be responsible for allergic reactions. Also, doing a facial immediately after getting lash extensions can weaken the adhesive bond, which can be a reason for premature extension fallout. You can do a facial or any skin treatment after getting an extension, and only you must avoid applying skincare products around your eye area. This way, you can do your facial without getting harmed by your extensions.

Avoid Applying Oil-Based Products Around the Eye Area

Oil-based products are the enemy of eyelash extensions, and they can weaken the adhesive bond and lead to premature lash extension fallout. The adhesive has a quick-drying resin element named cyanoacrylate. Oil-based makeup products can break down the cyanoacrylate and reduce the longevity of the extensions. You can use other makeup or skincare products that do not contain oil. You can add lash MD products to your eye care routine for the aftercare tips for your extensions.

Try Not to Contact Moisture

The ideal moisture or humidity can not ruin your extension by approximately 50-60%, and too much or less moisture can damage your lashes and make them dry. Many lash artists suggest a minimum of 24 hours to avoid any moisture or humidity on your extensions. So, avoiding any moisture-related activity, including cooking, taking hot showers, or working out, is necessary.

Brushing Lash Extension

Regularly brushing your lashes can help to keep them manageable and less clumsy. You can comb your extensions with the help of the spoolie or a clean mascara wand. Also, brushing them can remove dust particles and make your extension clean. Harshly brushing the extension can lead to premature extension fallout.

End Note!

These aftercare tips for lash extensions can give you the best experience of getting them. Following these tips might be helpful to extend the lifespan of your extensions. After getting an extension, you can add lash MD professional serum and conditioner to your daily routine. To purchase these products, you can go through the MD Factor website. This website offers an endless list of skincare, hair care, beauty products, and health supplements. 


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