Time to talk about the most important marketing strategy you should try. Setting up your website and tracking its performance through banners is probably the most important part of your marketing strategy. But what if you could more easily and automatically track how many people watched your video? What if you could monitor and analyze how people were engaging with your product or service based on what they saw on their phones, tablets or computers and then create customized ads based on those findings? Well, look no further than Verizon’s mobile marketing strategies where they are constantly looking for ways to engage their customers by leveraging the best ways to integrate social media, follow up with customers, customize the look and feel of their existing marketing materials and manage advertising campaigns.

You can’t keep a good one. When you’re an entrepreneur in business, the best marketing strategy is to try something new. To celebrate their new acquisition of a company called Ecommerce, Verizon announced at its annual shareholders meeting that they plan to take up and lead the charge with a new social mobile marketing campaign rollout. Under this new initiative, Verizon will be running an “eCommerce” Facebook page for their businesses as well as running weekly social media marketing posts on their website. Throughout the year, Verizon will be displaying information about the speed of cellular connections in the U.S., their LTE and 3G networks in town and less than 3 percent coverage in specific cities and states such as New York City, Miami and Washington DC.

Getting started with marketing is probably the first thing that you should do. Sales people and marketing men are obsessed with “cutting through the clutter” and having your foot into a pile of traffic on a massive billboard. But, in order to get your foot into a nice pile of traffic, you need those world class marketing vehicles that have the internet and Google in the trunk, right?… The answer is yes. But, not just any marketing cars are good; they have to be built to last.

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