This first step in developing a marketing strategy is getting you to pay attention to your marketing. How many times have you heard someone say, “Well, I just didn’t focus on marketing.” The first step to marketing is to simply do it. You’ll find ways to get better at it by simply focusing on it.

Marketing is a lot like building a house. It’s not a linear process, because it’s a series of activities that happen in a certain order. Each activity needs to be prioritized and executed in a certain way.

Well, that’s a great analogy for marketing. A house is an activity that you engage in every day. You move your furniture around the house and put your towels right where you want them. In marketing, you might want to put your TV on a few hours before you go out for a meeting. You might want to get all of your emails together ahead of time.

In any case, because its a series of activities that happen in a certain order, its important to think about your marketing strategy in that way. You can probably develop an effective marketing strategy based on how you typically engage in other activities. For instance, if you want to engage in your other activities, you can probably create a marketing plan to follow.

At the same time, because TV is so prevalent, you need to consider your marketing strategy in that light too. When you watch TV, you are thinking about the ads and the commercials. When you’re out meeting, you are thinking about the people you’re meeting with and what you’re going to do once you get there.

That’s one thing the new trailer makes abundantly clear—that death has been a recurring theme throughout the series. The first episode was titled “The Executioner’s Game.” You can see how that might be a bad term to use in the marketing realm.

The first episode of the series actually wasn’t called The Executioners Game. It was called The First Man. The first episode actually starts out with the title being, “The First Man’s Story.” When it actually aired, it was called, “The First Man’s Story – The First Man.” It was the first episode of a two-hour show about a man who is forced to fight crime. For my money, that’s the first step in any long-term marketing plan.

The first step in any long-term marketing plan is to stop calling it “game.” It doesn’t matter how good your title is, when the game starts, you’ve already made a game.

Well, the title is a little misleading, as games can start off so much more enjoyable than just “being a game.” So to get all the marketing in the world to work, it’s important to start with something that people can actually say, “I know what I have to do, and it is my responsibility.” When the first episode debuted, it was called, The First Mans Story – The First Man, not, The First Man.

It was a little strange considering the game was originally called, The First Mans Story, but to be fair its a name that just doesn’t really roll off the tongue. But then again, this is the first game we’ve seen from Arkane Studios, so its not like we’re taking too much risk by calling it The First Man.

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