Waving your shirt in the breeze? Ha! It’s not the most exciting idea, is it? But what if you could provide smart and interactive marketing advice? Well, now you can. You can recommend how to walk a certain way or switch between music and pictures for a specific spot on your body without having to do any work. What’s more you can use your smartphone to control this system so as to give you the most tailored advice. Or if you prefer, just ask your friends to get the appropriate shoes and wear them while they’re at it.

When you look at an advertisement for a product, how much do you think it sells? How much do you think it is perceived by the target audience? You’d almost be forgiven to think that it’s the marketing plan or the product itself or something equally ridiculous. I would have thought that the only way that this could be possible is if there was some sort of underlying reason. But according to SayMe, it’s not. They have discovered that a person would buy anything if they knew there was a reason why it had to be bought. This has led to a whole host of marketing reviews on the internet and a whole lot of similar stories popping up within blog posts across the web.

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