ndash marketing is a new startup that focuses on bringing the power of social media to small business owners. ndash marketing is an app that connects businesses with their customers and lets them know if their customers are within the local area of their company. What will be the first use case we see of this? that would be, getting your best friends to notice you. With ndash marketing, your company will have a page on your site, the average time it takes to connect with others is dramatically reduced. They promise that this app will only take minutes to learn and use but with it’s help you can create a higher level of relationship between you and your customers in less than 10 minutes.

ndash marketing is the largest social marketing agency in India . ndash is an NGO that has been operating since 2009. ndash services are basically built on the principles of social marketing. They are primarily built upon the principles of humanistic-social marketing (HSSM) and human reputation management (HRM). HSSM is being implemented in almost every field and HRM is being put in every field, which includes sales, health care, education, etc. ndash works with more than 40 social media platforms and has been working with over 60 companies across 16 cities across 18 countries with a gross revenue of Rs. 4 crore per month. ndash has been receiving accolades for their work and their success stories have seen them grow rapidly.

ndash marketing is a new startup at NetJets that connects high-growth, high-frequency customers with high-growth, low-latency customers. By using the power of NDL and a platform developed by Triclops, ndash is changing how online gamification works by substantially increasing engagement and engagement frequency. When you engage with ndash, you get goals, rewards and actionable insights. ndash wants to equip their customers with the tools they need to optimize their online experience – by tracking their active sessions, engaging them on Twitter and engaging them on video.

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