The DIY musiciane is one of music YouTube’s top stars and a linked musician. If you’re looking to share your music with the world, like what’s on YouTube, use their free music tab. No internet connection necessary! You can easily copy and paste any video, audio clip or sound into the video and audio player within a few seconds. You can even save the video to your hard drive so you can view it later if you decide to upload it to YouTube or other sites like iTunes, TIDAL etc. You can also share any YouTube videos that are sold off as “for free” as long as you’ve integrated the link into your blog post.

Music marketing has been around a while and has been a niche market. But as the popularity of music has grown, so has the demand for inexpensive ways to share your music. What started out as DIY marketing into self publishing has now turned into a massive market that can lead to millions of dollars being made each year. The problem is that there aren’t enough people that understand the techniques involved in putting your music out there and so it’s not getting put out there until you’re about ready to release the album for sale on iTunes or Amazon.

New wave music that is made by all types of musicians, from rock and pop to Detroit, New York and Chicago. The music you listen to tells a story to you and the people you love about your life. People are listening to music because of how it makes them feel or even just because they think it’s interesting.

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