To encourage you to connect to social media and get the word out about your company, we’re hosting an inspring marketing seminar in a few months. What better way to promote your company than to hold a seminar that throws down the gauntlet? For only $60, you’ll get access to our staff members, classes, and even some custom motivational slides. We’ll also post several workshops on how we can effect your business if you decide to give it a try.

Marketing seminar 2015. It is a marketing seminar that is aimed at the manufacturers and distributors of shoes, socks, underwear, nylon fabrics, caps and more. The speakers are: Chief of staff of Hoka One One, Katie Willingham; CEO of Puma Tailored Shoes; Flavio Salgado Gomes; Director of Marketing at Reebok and Head of Market Research at Nike Japan Company.

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