I’ve heard plenty of women say they drank “too much” of store-bought kombucha during pregnancy.

Some believe it’s unsafe to drink it during pregnancy because of the estrogen, but a recent study from The Ohio State University found that, contrary to popular belief, store-bought kombucha is safe for pregnant women to drink.

Store-bought kombucha was actually found to have a lower estrogen level than the bottled stuff. Pregnant women who drank store-bought kombucha had lower levels of estrogen in their urine.

The study also found that store-bought kombucha was actually more acidic than the bottled stuff. It was also found to have higher levels of caffeine than the bottled stuff.

The study also found that women who drank store-bought kombucha had more fluid in their urine. So for women, store-bought kombucha is probably a no-no during pregnancy.

As is the case with most studies, the study’s results were mixed. The higher levels of estrogen in the women who drank store-bought kombucha may have been the result of their being pregnant, the study said.

The study is limited in that it doesn’t control for other factors that may have affected the women’s urine pH levels, such as the women being on anti-estrogen drugs.

In my opinion, store-bought kombucha is only safe when used in the context of a healthy pregnancy. If the women were on anti-estrogen drugs, the study says, then store-bought kombucha probably wouldn’t be safe.

Of course, if you drink store-bought kombucha during pregnancy, that could also be risky. Even if you are not on anti-estrogen medication, store-bought kombucha may still contain estrogen.The study says the womens urine pH levels may be affected by hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, which is the reason why store-bought kombucha is generally not safe during pregnancy.

So what if the womens urine pH levels are affected by hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy?Well, if they are, then that would mean that store-bought kombucha contains a bunch of estrogen. This would make it very likely that store-bought kombucha is unsafe for pregnant women.

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