The iceberg principle is a philosophy of marketing that states that we must look for opportunities in the bottom of the ocean. It is an argument for the importance of doing things in the right way and for the importance of being honest and transparent. The purpose of marketing is to get customers to come back and buy more.

The goal of marketing is to get people to buy more, so to be honest I like to say the bottom line: to make sure we do the right things and not to do the right things.

If we’re honest and transparent, we’ll find that the number of people who buy more is the same number who buy less. That’s why you have to make your product stand out and be exciting. There are no rules, it is all about creativity.

Yeah, but it’s also about making sure you’re not screwing up the customer’s money. And in the case of a customer who doesn’t like the product, well the good news is that you won’t be getting refunded or even penalized. You won’t be penalized if you screw up.

Yeah, but this is really different than the iceberg principle. You don’t want to get sued for the company’s bad behavior. You want to get sued for the customer’s bad behavior.

I read that article and I thought it was pretty interesting. I never thought about marketing when I was doing it but that is actually the marketing. You dont want to be sued for the customers bad behavior. You want to get sued for the customers bad behavior.

I have to tell you, I have a lot of respect for this article. I really think it’s worth reading. The first thing that struck me was the first sentence: “Your website is the first thing consumers see when they go to your website.” I agree 100%. It’s the first thing they see. The second thing that struck me was the last line: “As a way to get consumers to return to your site, you should:”.

As it turns out, you really should. There are times when you can’t justify having anyone’s site to go to (or if you are happy with what you got, you should.) But the more you can justify the behavior and the more you think it will make you happy, the less likely it is that you should be sued.

There is a certain level of commitment that most of us have to our own businesses that we usually don’t have to put the same amount of effort into our personal websites. So I guess I didn’t read the last sentence carefully (and I’ve been doing this a really long time). But I think it goes to the heart of my argument, I think it goes to the heart of the iceberg principle.

What’s the iceberg principle? The idea that if you make it clear to people that you care about them doing good, then you can make them do that. It’s a phrase that applies to every organization, every company, and every individual. The problem is that it is also a dangerous motto.

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