We count the days from the day that the baby was born. You can’t fool the calendar. We just do it based on the date that we get the first letter of the month, which is September.

And we’re on track.

Well, we’re very curious and would love to have you try it out. If we have to, we’re also going to have some of our friends try it too.

We are super excited to see what you guys think, and we are hoping that by the end of next week, we can find out if we are on track or not.

We are still trying to figure out if we are on track or not. We still have a month to go, and we are still figuring a few things out. Our baby is due in October, and so are our parents, and so are our dog, but so far we seem to be on track.

Our plans for the month of October are pretty mixed. We have a lot of time to figure out what to do, which is not going to be easy if the baby is still in the picture. For now, we are trying to figure out if we are on track or not. We are still trying to figure out if we are on track or not. We still have a month to go, and so far we are still figuring a few things out.

It seems like it will be an easy transition. Being pregnant, and then having kids, just makes you have to be more flexible and resourceful. You still have to eat and do your chores, but you have less time to think about everything that went wrong.

But I’m not sure if that is really true. I’m not sure if it really will be an easy transition in the sense of a baby sitting. I’m not sure how long it will go on like that. I know it’s pretty common for people who have kids to be on a constant diet of diapers and formula. So I don’t know if that will even be an option for us.

The transition process actually has a pretty good chance of turning out just fine. We’re still working to get used to the fact that we have toddlers and that they’ll be coming up with new tricks on top of the routine that we’ve established. We’re also working on teaching them what to expect when we say goodbye. The most important thing is that we’re learning to be more patient and calm when they change.

The transition can be a real trial period for some families, but if the transition goes as planned, it can help the kids be more flexible about being with you and being able to do things without supervision. The biggest challenge is that it can take a little longer than most kids want to be a part of a routine, but there is a chance that it can actually help them get there.

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