For those who are interested in the more obscure side of marketing, here is a quick write up on a company, who, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, is the subject of my own book, Firedrum Marketing.

That’s right, the folks at Firedrum Marketing created a website called and published their own book, and then they decided they needed a Facebook page. They actually made their own Facebook page, but it wasn’t nearly as impressive as their own book. They made sure that their Facebook page displayed their own logo, had a big “like” button, and had a few more than 800 likes.

The main reason for this decision was to make sure that when all the Facebook pages were published, they would show their own logo. It probably worked, but it was better than nothing.

Actually, it was a really good idea on their part. Ive seen a few people who don’t like the idea of facebook pages so much, and they think it is just a glorified forum to tell people who they are and ask them to like their page. I actually think that this is the best way to promote your page on facebook. It definitely seems like a worthwhile strategy.

Facebook is a good site to promote your page, but it is not the only site on which to do so. It is also a good idea to promote your page on other sites as well. Ive always thought that the best way to get an audience to like your page is to email them. Not only can you get an audience to like you, but you can also get them to follow you.

But let’s be honest, this idea of a “like” or “email” is too easy to just give up. In fact, it sounds like a great idea in theory. But the biggest problem I have with it is that it can be easy to forget to “like” your page, and it can be hard to remember to “email” you.

I get this question a lot as well. After I post a comment on a blog about my own page, I usually get some kind of email reply from a friend or a blogger I know. Its easy to forget not everyone likes my page, and I get that. But I also get a lot of emails from people telling me that they really liked my page, and that they followed me on Twitter.

It’s very similar to what happened to me when I was building the site. I got a lot of emails from people telling me that they liked my page, followed me on Twitter, and that they followed me on Facebook. I have to remind myself that not everyone did these things.

I know that I am not alone in this weirdo behavior, but I think it’s because I am not an “entertainer” in the traditional sense of the word, I am not a celebrity, I am not a famous person. My email client is not just for email.

The funny thing about this is that it can be a very useful way to get people to follow you on Twitter. I am an entertainer. I have an audience. I have followers. You are the entertainer. Your website is not just for your website. You are the entertainer.

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