This is a blog about the benefits of adding fruit to your diet. I’d love to see a post about how one person solved a bad habit by getting up early and eating two or three extra apples each day. I’d love to see what my husband does with his extra apple after he goes for a run 3 to 4 hours before he gets home from work.

Hi, Everyone! Recently I realized that the blog from my last post isn’t active anymore. Well, this is good news because I want to get back in touch with some of you and return the favor.

This is a small intro on how I make fruit-flavored beverages, but if you are really interested in learning more about fruit juice, I am sure that you will be interested. In case you don’t know what “fruit juice” means, let me explain. Fruit juice is basically a drink composed of apple, lemon and water. A lot of people jokingly say that they drink a lot of “apple juice”, but there’s no truth to it because very little of the actual juicing process happens inside the body. You should be aware that all drinking a glass of apple juice is actually consuming the juice from one specific food item and eating it, which essentially forms the sole source of making this drink.

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