preventing fertilization of the egg.

This is a theory that seems to be supported by a lot of data. Although this doesn’t mean that it’s true, it’s a theory that has been proposed.

The theory is that the iuds in condoms prevent fertilization by preventing sperm from attaching to the egg. However, the theory has been questioned by some that the iuds may prevent fertilization by preventing the sperm from attaching to the egg.

The most compelling evidence for this theory is the fact that the sperm that attaches to the egg can attach to many different places, therefore preventing fertilization. A lot of people have argued that sperm cannot attach to the egg unless they are in direct contact with the egg, but that does not mean that sperm cannot attach to the egg even if they have to attach to it through other means.

This is a great example of how the evidence does not always line up. There is a lot of evidence that people who use IUDs do not get pregnant, but there is also a lot of evidence that they do get pregnant. The more compelling evidence for the sperm and egg attachment theory comes from studies of people who have been using IUDs for many years.

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